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What pharma could learn from car manufacturers about patient engagement. Interview with Suz Schrandt, Director of Patient Engagement at the Arthritis Foundation

A common goal for teams in the healthcare industry is how to be more patient-centric. It’s an important question.

Putting patients at the center of everything we do sounds good. But how do you ensure that your plans will deliver on your promise?

Read on as I share some ideas from an interview with Suz Schrandt Director of Patient-Engagement at the Arthritis Foundation.

Yesterday, I interviewed Suz Schrandt, Director of Patient Engagement for the Arthritis Foundation.

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Five Hot Topics in Medical Affairs That Should Be On Your Radar for 2017

I recently got back from this year’s DIA Medical Affairs and Scientific Communications Forum.
It was a great trip. From the beautiful resort, the excellent agenda, to meeting old friends and new to presenting some survey data on collaboration. The grand finale on my trip home? Meeting an IT expert, who was happy to discuss IT systems in highly-regulated aviation, banking and insurance industries.

My only regret is that I couldn’t be at every presentation.

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