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A scientific background coupled with a passion for sustainability means solid analysis is at the foundation of everything I do. Projects include:

- Assessment of local compliance and training needs in Medical Affairs teams

-identification and implementation of global minimum standards in Medical Information

- Measuring the quality of training delivery and exam standardization at the University of Basel

-  Benchmarking studies on biosimilars for biosimilar launch

- Assessing drivers for clinical trial implementation in evolving markets

Project, Programme and Interim  Management

Doing more with less? Want a hand identifying opportunities for process improvement? I've led change management and streamlining processes and am a previous Program Director at the European Centre for Pharmaceutical Medicine at Basel University. Training and workshops include:

- Market Access Challenges/Opportunties for Emerging Market Medical Affairs Teams

- Introduction to Bioethics/Compliance for Medical Affairs Teams

- Identifying the best approach for European Medical Information Strategy

- Market Access Training Course Design and for employees at regional, local and global level

- Identifying and prioritizing digital, social media, direct communication opportunities in the Chinese market for Medical Affairs teams

A physician with extensive industry and project management experience, a focus on sustainability and an eye for both strategy and detail I consistently deliver on time and budget working with customer teams. For larger projects, I work with associated consultants. Project examples:

- Projects in global compliance, data insights generation, IT system planning for the business and implementation support. 

Global transformations of the Medical Information function

- Global design and implementation of digital solutions to customer access in Medical

- Harmonisation of all business and medical functions to synergize in all market facing activities across an entire affiliate

- Standardisation of scientific data communicated to markets across affiliates

- Global Change Management programme leadership in Medical Affairs

Audits, Surveys and Benchmarking

Workshops and Trainings